Solar Panel for Display

At Geraldton, a full-size solar panel from the Greenough River Solar Farm will adorn the foyers of the City Council and the Midwest Development Commission.

Both organisations have been strong and vocal supporters of the solar farm project

The solar farm is the biggest in Australia. Verve Energy is a partner with GE Energy Financial Services in the GRSF joint venture. The 150,000 solar panels are being supplied, installed and commissioned by US company First Solar on a site about 50kms south east of Geraldton in the MidWest region of WA.

GRSF General Manager Hugh Webster presented the solar panel to the Mayor of Geraldton Ian Carpenter recently.

Energy Minister Peter Collier participated in the event in April 2012 to mark the installation of the first panel.

“Most panels have now been installed and commissioning in underway. Completion is scheduled for August,” Hugh said.

The solar farm, the first utility size solar farm in Australia, will be officially opened in October by Minister Collier.